Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions are defined for the interaction between users (visitors/clients) of the website and seming.ba. The main website seming.ba is composed of different websites (sub-pages) managed by seming.ba. The Seming.ba website is available for visiting and interacting through informative content, dynamic web elements, or different forms, and the use of the seming.ba website by the user is based on the acceptance, without modification, of all the terms and conditions presented here.


Seming.ba reserves the right to change terms and conditions under which it offers and enable the seeming.ba website to users and to apply the same terms and conditions without prior notice. 


The seming.ba website may contain links or links to other websites that are not under the control of seming.ba. For such websites, seming.ba is not responsible and has no control over the content, connections (links) on these websites and information in general. seming.ba provides links to external websites in order to provide possible benefits and additional information for users of the seming.ba website and external websites.


As a condition of use, the user undertakes not to use the seming.ba website, its complete content, its products or services for illegal or prohibited purposes. The user may not disable, overload, impair, slow down and devalue the functioning of seming.ba in any way, either directly or indirectly, and may also not disable the use of seming.ba by other users. The user cannot and must not use any information from seming.ba, except for those that are specifically made available to him through seming.ba, seming.ba products and services.


Seming.ba may contain chat rooms, forums, personal pages, calendars, message pages or other communication websites or services intended for the user to have the possibility of communicating with one or more people publicly using the website and web communication services. While using any of the communication services, the user will not:

  •  Abuse, slander, harass or in any manner violate the rights of the public and privacy while using seming.ba products and services.
  • Publish inappropriate, vulgar, defamatory, illegal contents, materials and information.
  • Upload content and files which contain information that is protected by copyright (except in cases where the user has permission, for example: purchase license).
  • Upload content and files which contain viruses, corrupt content, illegal content, materials and information.
  • Upload content and files which contain viruses and corrupt data that can damage the communication service, the seming.ba website, and the computer of the user or other users.
  • Collect data of other users without authorization, including e-mail and other personal data.
  • Falsify or destroy legal notices of original programs, software or other material of this kind.
  • Use communication services for self-promotional or other promotional actions and activities.
  • Violate any legal acts.

Seming.ba reserves the right to review the material and information used through communication services and to remove it if any of the above-mentioned items are violated. Additionally, seming.ba reserves the right to ban the use of the seming.ba main website, seming.ba products and services without prior warning to a user who has violated the rules of the terms of use.
Seming.ba reserves the right to disclose materials and information if there is a legal need for official inspection of certain information. When using communication services, you should be careful and not give out personal information about yourself or your children. Seming.ba is not responsible for the information that users intentionally or unintentionally post in communication services, chat rooms, contact forms and like.


Seming.ba is not the owner of information, content, images, video content and other information that users forward to seming.ba for the purpose of searching for answers, obtaining information, creating web pages, renting server space and other seming.ba products and services. By sending said materials to seming.ba, the user agrees that seming.ba uses, distributes, copies, publicly announces and advertises them as seming.ba business content, with your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. For the same, the user will not receive or ask for any compensation from seming.ba.


If there is a grammatical, typographical, or individual configuration error in the content of the website, we will review it in detail and eliminate it so that the content offered to the user is always adequate and accurate in relation to the offered products or services. The information, content, images, video content, advice you receive through seming.ba cannot be adequate for your personal, medical, financial or other decisions and actions, and for such you should seek advice from professional experts from specific fields of activity and professions.

To the great extent, within the framework of the applicable law, seming.ba will not be responsible for direct or indirect cases of damages, which include, but are not limited to, damages for data loss, loss of profit (which may be related to the user’s use of seming.ba as a user-visitor), loss of website performance, website slowdown, unavailability of seming.ba products and services, unavailability of applications and software.

If for any reason you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions in whole or in part, you can voluntarily stop using the seming.ba website, seming.ba products and services. Additionally, if the user violates the rules from the Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, unintentionally or intentionally, seming.ba reserves the right to prohibit and disable the user’s access to the seming.ba website and to terminate the user’s services without prior notice.